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Service & Maintenance


As a service based company who places the highest value on our customers satisfaction,

we’re experts in managing our clients needs.

Life’s little mishaps can occur, and when they do place your in us!
Did a fixture get knocked over by a neighbors kid chasing after their ball?  Was your gardener a bit to aggressive with their shovel?  Did you recently add a new tree or feature to your property that you’d like to illuminate?

Our team at Optical Illusions LTD pride themselves on taking time at each service call to ensure your lighting system is in good working order and meeting your expectation.


While all systems we currently design & install are LED, we are often called upon to do LED conversions and upgrades.  Whether a homeowner is looking to reduce their energy load or there just simply tired of changing bulbs on their older system, LED is your best bet for hassle free lighting.

But, no system is 100% maintenance free!  No matter what you're told - it's simply not true.

That's where we come in!

Optical Illusions LTD offers maintenance agreements on lighting systems.  From semi-annual bulb checks and fixture adjustments to complete system coverage, we'll customize a maintenance plan to keep your LED system shining brightly, year round at an exceptional value!

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