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Optical Illusions LTD Lighting

Lighting Design

Step out of the dark, and into our light

Simply put - our design speaks for itself.  We step into our work with your home and landscape as our canvas as we creatively pull together elements to paint in our light.  It is with over 20 years of design experience and knowledge that we masterfully plan your work of art. 

In daylight your property has a certain look and feel to it - at night though, it is lost.  Capturing that same appeal is what we do best.  By striking the right balance of tone and intensity a visual masterpiece is created. 

With light we are able to set mood.   


Gently washing a hardscape element with soft sprays of light can provide tranquility to an otherwise hidden architectural component.  Strategically placing pathway light should serve to invite your guests further into your environment.  Punching your entrance with the appropriate intensity of light needs to create impact and curb appeal without overstating your homes presence or upsetting ambiance.  


Allow us to apply our deep understanding of lighting design to your canvas.

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